Fiber Optic Systems

Chris Angove has designed and developed components for the land-based terminal equipment used in repeatered and non-repeatered submarine optical fiber cables and he has also completed the system design and successful implementation of an 'RF over optical fiber' intermediate range system.

Both cases included responsibility for the specification, procurements and implementation of a range of optical (monomode) components operating around 1550 nm in the infrared wavelength range. Each system also included a number of RF and microwave components for interfacing between the common optical domain and the electrical domains at the transmit and receive ends of each respective link.

Responsibility for the optical components was at system level. This required deciding which optical components to connect, how to connect them and how to retain excess fiber whilst also achieving all of the electrical and mechanical requirements. 

The optical components used included the following:


WDM filters / add/drop multiplexers

erbium doped fiber amplifiers

attenuators (fixed and adjustable)

laser diode sources

external modulators (Mach Zehnder modulators)

optical power meters

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