List of Achievements

FCL has supported projects which operate at frequencies literally ranging from DC to light, so it is familiar with the challenges faced daily by engineers across a whole range of disciplines. These are some of the highlights from the FCL portfolio.

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research and development

    FCL's core skills are in radio frequency (RF) design and development covering the HF, VHF, UHF, microwave and millimetre wave frequency spectra. FCL has a long list of project achievements covering components through to major systems.

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systems development

    All components are ultimately parts of systems and virtually all of FCL's projects have required systems level analyses and inputs . FCL has successfully developed various systems level architectures.

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Digital Communications

    In modern digital radio receivers, traditional areas of RF and DSP are rapidly converging as the ADC moves closer to the antenna. FCL has identified future opportunities here and has developed projects around the Microchip ® 16-bit controller and DSP chipsets. In these, FCL's RF expertise has complimented some familiarity with algorithms developed in the ANSI 'C' and 'C++' programming languages.

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Hardware Hands-On 

    FCL has built up advanced skills in several applications used widely in RF and microwave design and development such as Advanced Design System ® (ADS), Microwave Office ®, Excel ® and Mathcad ®. FCL is skilled, not only in getting engineering results but in presenting them in written form and verbally to all levels.