Advance Your Deliveries

FCL has supported many clients to help them meet their commitments and bring forward their deliveries of hardware, documentation and various services. With briefs such as these, FCL concentrates on how to solve the assigned challenges as quickly and effectively as possible. FCL will always provide the best possible service to the client and will never be diverted by any local issues away from the central task.

Strengthen Your Team

Sometimes engineering teams need strengthening for a few weeks or months, perhaps until a new product or upgrade is delivered or a new team member is found. Many of FCL's contracts have provided this support. FCL's representative Chris Angove is used to working in this way and always finds he has much in common with the other highly self-motivated existing members of such teams. He may even know some of them from previous contracts or through third parties.

Meet Your Documentation Commitments

Many clients' contracts include documentation deliveries, sometimes literally by the van load, or in electronic form. Scheduled payments to the client are subject to their delivery to an approved standard, properly reviewed and issued. FCL has written many deliverable documents like these, for example requirement specifications, design and development specifications, test specifications, user manuals and 'getting started' guides. FCL has received many positive comments about the quality of its documentation, including: "I didn't think it was possible to get that whole specification into 20 pages" and "This is the sort of thing I could read over my tea".

Solve Challenging Hardware Bugs

FCL has many years' experience in solving some particularly brain teasing problems with many types of hardware. FCL tackles these relentlessly using a methodical approach and recording the steps taken whilst avoiding 'jumping to conclusions' which can waste valuable time. FCL has found this approach overall to reduce clients' costs and time. Furthermore, these tasks usually include a temporary solution and recommendations for the permanent and productionised solution.

"Hit the Ground Running"

With apologies for resorting to the rather over-used cliché, when supporting a new team, clients always require the FCL representative to absorb new information and to become productive very quickly. This comes as second nature and often FCL has a head start on account of the previous experience it has and the preparation work it has already done. Often it is familiar with many of the principles involved, the design challenges typical test equipment configurations may well have worked with similar hardware previously.

"An approachable team member"

FCL's representative Chris Angove is considered a good communicator, both verbally and in written form. He is very approachable and will clearly describe how he is tackling his present task, the results so far and the expected route forward. He will work well with the existing team members, taking their advice and passing on his knowledge and suggestions, whilst not getting side-tracked away from the central task.

Exploit a Particularly Broad Experience

Clients who use FCL, benefit from Chris Angove's particularly broad experience gained over a number of years with leading defence, electronics and communications companies. FCL's tasks have included conducting routine maintenance on telecommunications and broadcast equipment to being responsible directly to the engineering manager for the debugging and development of deliverable hardware. From this Chris has enjoyed working with the very wide spectrum of motivated people found in such environments and prospective clients can be confident that he will fit in well with them, whatever type of work he is engaged with.

Research New Concepts Effectively

FCL is unusually well placed to perform research and development work on a contract basis. The client will gain both from Chris's broad experience and his good academic record, including an MSc in Microwaves and Modern Optical Engineering, awarded from University College London. He is both a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), part of which was formerly the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). Paper qualifications alone are of course insufficient so Chris has not only spent much of his career hands-on at the bench designing, developing and debugging hardware, but he is very well equipped to understand the most challenging of advanced theory, whether put to him verbally or included in technical papers. He has built up an extensive library of engineering reference books, including several internationally renowned titles and classic papers. He uses these daily with other resources to keep his knowledge of the very latest technologies up to date.

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